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Brilliant! So glad you offer this service . We used to get through 4 or 5 4pint bottles a week so it's made a big difference to our plastic use.


We are proud to offer locally produced West Country whole and semi-skimmed loose milk for sale in the Farm Shop.  The milk is supplied by Trewithen Dairy, from the Glynn Valley in Cornwall.


We are delighted that this initiative has been warmly welcomed by our customers. In the first month since installing the milk dispenser in the shop, we sold over 1,000 litres of milk. Are you wondering how many plastic milk bottles worth that is? It’s over 440 4-pint plastic bottles (in one month!) that have been saved from being discarded or sent for recycling.

We've also received such positive feedback from our customers saying just how delicious this milk is. Does it simply taste better from a glass bottle? Or is it the pureness and quality and of the milk (nothing added and nothing taken away)? We think it's both.


Our thanks to everyone who has supported this initiative and we look forward to serving you lots more milk in the future!

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Q. Is it raw milk?

A. No, it is pasteurised.

Q. Is the taste different from supermarket milk?

A. We love it and we've received many comments from customers saying how much they enjoy it over supermarket milk.

Q. Do you have skimmed milk?

A. Not at the present time.

We currently offer whole and semi-skimmed milk.

Q. How much is it?

A. The milk is £1.20 per litre.

Q. Do you have any advice for sterilising the bottles?

A. Some customers put the bottles through the dishwasher, or you can wash in hot soapy water and then rinse.

We also stock VWP Cleaner in the shop (in the Home Brew section) which is perfect for sterilising bottles.

Q. How does the milk come from the dairy, packaging-wise?

A. It is supplied in a bag in a box, which is sent back to the dairy.



Trewithen Dairy is owned and run by the Clarke family, who have owned their farm in the Glynn Valley since the 1970s, and started crafting dairy products there in early 1994. Their experience, hard work and patience has built the business to what it is today. In the early days the Clarkes had their own herd; Bill and Rachel would bottle the milk once the children were in bed and deliver it early the next morning. They cooked the clotted cream themselves, in open trays and potted it by hand. By 2001 the milk bottling and cream making side of the business had become so successful that a big decision had to be made. To continue dairy farming or switch completely over to processing milk. It was not an easy decision, but the family sold their herd and moved full time into producing milk, cream and, more recently, butter and yoghurt.

The farms which supply milk to  Trewithen Dairy today have a range of breeds in their herds, including Jersey, Guernsey, Holstein, Friesian, Brown Swiss and Ayrshire. The core values of the Trewithen Dairy business have stayed the same since it started – local milk from local herds, tastes the best!


Trewithen Dairy is very aware of the importance of the environment and their role in protecting it, and as such have invested in green energy. From designing and building their own 250kw solar farm in 2014, to the Green Energy commitment made in 2019. In addition to the solar farm, they have also invested in a 3-year Green Energy contract, which will help to meet additional electricity needs at times when the solar power supply is lower.

Pop into the Farm Shop to discover all we have to offer...

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