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We're delighted to now stock British tomatoes during the summer season fresh from The Tomato Stall, grown on the Isle of Wight.

They offer a great variety of delicious tomatoes, which we are proud to offer in the Farm Shop during the summer season until October time.


We receive fresh tomato deliveries weekly.

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"When we started the Tomato Stall in 2007, Britain had well and truly fallen out of love with this salad staple. 

From our 60-acre estate in the Arreton Valley on the Isle of Wight with rich, fertile soil, and the most hours of sunshine anywhere in the UK, we began our quest to grow the finest varieties that were full of flavour. 

We started taking our fabulous fruits to a handful of farmer’s markets in and around London, picked when perfectly ripe and delivered just hours later. Word soon spread, and before long, The Tomato Stall became well known with chefs and foodies across the nation for our great-tasting produce.  

We’re passionate about our planet, so we’re proud to do our bit to help the environment. That’s why we compost all our plant waste to enrich the soil for our organic crops. Working this way means we can fine-tune the nutrient requirements for each plant, reducing the fertiliser levels and improving the soil fertility – giving you an even tastier tomato, whilst our team of hard-working bumbles pollinate our plants and help encourage the perfect balance of predators to pests, keeping our plants healthy and happy. 

None of this would be possible without the expert knowledge and green fingers of our Head Growers, Paul and Brian. With an impressive fifty years combined experience and having grown 200 different varieties, they know a thing or two about growing the perfect tomatoes. Working together with our passionate team, they nurture every single plant." 

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Pop into the Farm Shop to discover all we have to offer...
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