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In recent years Stuart and Nicky have committed to reducing the environmental impact of the shop, and strive to offer customers a different way to shop by offering alternatives to lots of plastic packaging. “Initially we aimed to simply cut down on our waste and packaging, but we quickly became passionate about offering products that have less impact on our environment, and offering our customers alternatives, which has now become a key part of our ethos.” 

We now offer a number of eco-friendly initiatives to help customers cut back on plastic waste and also stock a range of items to help customers avoid or reduce their plastic consumption, such as Bamboo Toothbrushes, Shampoo Bars, Loose bars of soap, recycled aluminum foil, paper food bags and more!

Our sincere thanks to Plastic Free Minehead for recognising Stuart Lowen Quality Butcher and Farm Shop with our recent award in recognition of our attempts to reduce our plastic consumption and enable our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle! We will continue to research and implement plastic-free and plastic-reducing options for both the shop and sincerely thank our customers for all their support so far.

Stuart and Nicky Lowen receiving an award from Plastic Free Minehead
Stuart Lowen Farm Shop is Plastic Free Champion




Save huge amounts of plastic waste by ditching those plastic bottles - instead buy a glass bottle to fill up with locally produced West Country milk.  Bottles cost £1.50 - and can be used many times over!


Stuart says, “We are simply delighted that this initiative has been so warmly welcomed by our customers. In one month since installing the milk dispenser in the shop [earlier in 2019], we sold over 1,000 litres of milk, that’s over 440 4-pint plastic bottles (in one month!) that have been saved from being discarded or sent for recycling. We've also received such positive feedback from our customers saying just how delicious this milk is.”




We stock a selection of organic dry goods plus Miles’ Coffee beans, which are available to buy in the quantity that you want. Bring a pot, jar or other container from home and fill up, or paper bags are also available in the shop. This hugely reduces the plastic packaging and waste that these sorts of items are usually packed in. 

We also have an Olive Oil and Vinegar Refilling station, so you can reuse these glass or plastic bottles also!



Not only are Greenscents laundry and household cleaning products made from more than 72% certified organic ingredients (certified by The Soil Association) they are also sold in bottles made from biopolymers, produced from sugar cane waste.This is a sustainable AND recyclable form of plastic. Plus, we have a Greenscents refill station too, so you can even refill these bottles up again and again!




Similar to the loose dry goods station, but in the freezer! We stock a range of ‘scoop your own’ frozen items, including mixed berries, peas and beans, bake at home croissants, Yorkshire puddings, and more. Just bring a container from home so you can buy only the amount that you want, and save on the plastic bag or box it would usually come in at the supermarket!




On the butchers counter Stuart has investigated an alternative to serving meat in plastic bags and we now use paper bags for fresh meat items. These food-safe printed paper bags are fridge and freezer safe, resealable, and lined with a moisture-resistant food grade material which makes them durable and leak-proof, and they can also be recycled with your household paper recycling! Of course, customers are also welcome to bring their own containers from home too.

Pop into the Farm Shop to discover all we have to offer...

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