Monday to Saturday,  9 am - 1 pm

We’ll still be answering the phones outside of these times, just the doors close at 1pm.

The phone line is busy at the moment, but the stock levels are changing rapidly so we need to speak to you about your order.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We have reduced the opening times at the Farm Shop in order to make sure the team can cope with the orders and deliveries.  These may need to be altered again the future, any changes will be published here.



To reduce the number of customers coming into the shop and/or requesting deliveries we have implemented this collection service. So far, it's working really well and we would please urge customers to take up this collection service if possible:

  1. Please call the shop with your order (01643 706034 or 07394 534 384) please allow 24-48 hours notice before requiring collection 

  2. We’ll prepare your order ready for collection from the shop AFTER 2 pm on collection day

  3. Give us a knock on the door, or stay in your car, and we’ll come out with your order and take payment (ideally contactless payment if possible please)

This collection service is much more efficient for us and enables us to save the limited number of delivery slots for our customers that cannot get out at all.⁣


  • We are limiting the number of customers in the shop toTWO at a time. If the door is closed when you arrive, please wait outside until we open it

  • Try to shop either on your own or with just one other person from your household

  • If bringing your children in is unavoidable, please ensure they do not touch anything

  • Please follow the social distancing guidelines, remain at least 2 metres away from other customers and staff

  • Stand back from the butchers counter, behind the line marked on the floor

  • PLEASE do not touch anything unnecessarily

  • Handles and doors will be cleaned regularly

  • Please use contactless payment if possible (card, apple pay, android pay, etc)

  • Please avoid paying in cash wherever possible



Our deliveries are available to customers from Billbrook to Porlock and south as far as Wheddon Cross. 

Please call the shop with your order, and we will advise on delivery schedules.

You can help ensure we get to everyone that wants a delivery by getting a few orders together from neighbours for delivery on a specific day, that would help us to be more efficient and get to more people in need.  As you can imagine, we’re experiencing many more enquiries than usual, so we thank you for your understanding and patience while we do our best and get the orders prepared and delivered. 


We’ve had some proactive locals in the community organising neighbours to request orders for collection or delivery on the same day, so there’s just one pick up or delivery required - great teamwork!  This really helps us use our time as efficiently as possible. Thanks for your support and understanding.⁣



We are reducing our range of products for the time being, in order to focus on items that people need as priority to keep them going in the short term. 

  • We are no longer able to open the milk station, so no refillable milk in the short term. We hope you understand this is due to health and safety, to avoid us having to touch bottles brought in, or customers touching the dispenser.

  • We are not offering homebrew items at present.

  • Loose freezer items and free-pour dry goods are also restricted in the shop at the moment, again to reduce touching of handles and scoops in the shop.⁣

We currently have local milk available in plastic bottles - yes, this is against our long term goals for reducing plastic consumption/waste, but at the current time, we feel it is unavoidable so we can protect our staff and you. It’s the same lovely local fresh milk, and we hope that once you’ve tasted how delicious it is customers will convert to our refillable milk when we are back up and running with our usual eco-friendly milk station.⁣

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